Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Collection of videos detailing the violent, disgusting and hateful rallies in Madison, WI

Disgusting. Watch as the animals trap Republican Senator Glenn Grothman outside the State Capitol. It took the direct intervention of a Democratic state Senator, Brett Hulsey, wearing his bright orange union t-shirt, to get the crowd to calm down a little. The hatred of the left knows no bounds. We've documented this time and time again on Common Cents. The key moment comes at about the 2:50 timeframe.

Democrat Rep Gordon Hintz made a Death Threat to Female Republican Michelle Litjens saying "YOU ARE F**KING DEAD!" Amazing.

Great Video detailing the violence and hatred of the leftist mobs in Madison

Foaming at the mouth:
Watch this Liberal Democrat literally foaming at the mouth as he launches his hateful, violent rant against Republicans:

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Anonymous said...

Where in the second video is the threat?? I have listened three times and I don't hear it.

Thank you,
Newark, Ohio