Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After "Thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election"

After having nearly 24 hours to digest the news here are my thoughts on the 2012 Presidential Election:

  • Going Negative Works.  President Obama and his surrogates went relentlessly negative on Mitt Romney.  One of the commentators last night mentioned they "drove a stake through the heart of Mitt Romney".  Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent accusing him of:  Committing a felony, contributing to a woman's death as told by her widowed husband, wanting to take women's rights away, being an out of touch plutocrat, being a high school bully and even putting the family dog on the roof of his car (in a carrier) 40 years ago.
  • Demographics.  Romney was able to win 61% of the White Vote but it wasn't enough.  The break-even spot was about 62-63% of this white vote.  Obama won 93% of the Black Vote (which was down) and about 70% of the Hispanic Vote.
  • Having the media on your side is critical.  The media (often described on this site as "The State Controlled Media") were fully vested in Barack Obama.  They gave him cover on numerous scandals: Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and Bengazi-gate to name a few.  All three debate moderators were liberals.  Most importantly they gave President Obama cover on the economy, not highlighting how bad things are.  Remember the average Unemployment Rate under President Bush was 5.2%, under President Obama it's 9.0%.
  • Luck Helps. Several things broke for President Obama in the last month of the campaign.  1. The price of gas FELL 35 cents in October, Hurricane Sandy hit at precisely the right time to blunt Mitt Romney's momentum, the economy perked up just enough to give President Obama some talking points and even the weather was picture perfect across the country.  The Nor'easter coming  - hit on Wednesday, NOT Tuesday.
  • Paul Ryan.  It's debatable whether the choice of VP Paul Ryan helped the ticket or not.  But what is not debatable is Ryan did NOT deliver Wisconsin, which he needed to do.
  • Romney's Debate Strategy especially in the 3rd debate.  His strategy was to practically hug Obama, so much so that he nearly endorsed him.  He purposely wanted to appear likable, and non-confrontational.  In hindsight this may have backfired.
What do you think?  Let's consider this an open thread.  What are your thoughts on the election??


christian soldier said...

There has been no difference between
the parties in years– and years–
Saw that as a young volunteer- when the R elites ‘gave’ us in CA a man named HUFFINGTON when our Congressman Dannemeyer was winning–
many veteran volunteers stopped volunteering and voted for the D- Feinstein-saying-she would be better than HUFFINGTON..
SO-let's start coalescing around individual candidates- and work to get them into office--

My guess on Romney- he had the same 'handlers' that Palin complained about-
He should have attacked bho on the Benghazi betrayal --and should not have played nicey nice--attack attack attack-
the coding system is hard to read my friend...

Anonymous said...

God help us
it looks like we may be getting what we deserve