Saturday, December 29, 2012

Toyota Quality Update: Toyota sets a record!!!

Toyota Motor Corporation set a RECORD by having to pay a record corporate fine of $1.1 Billion in penalties and other fees. 

DETROIT, MICH - Toyota Motor agreed on Wednesday to pay more than $1 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit related to issues of unintended acceleration in its vehicles.
The proposed settlement, filed in U.S. District Court in California, would be one of the largest of its type in automotive history.
If the agreement is approved by Judge James Selna, Toyota would make cash payments for the loss of value on vehicles affected by multiple recalls and would install special safety features on up to 3.2 million cars.
While there are still individual personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits pending against Toyota, in addition to an unfair business practice case brought by the attorneys general of 28 states, the class-action case was the largest legal action related to economic losses by vehicle owners. 
The suit was filed in 2010 after numerous complaints to federal regulators that Toyota vehicles were accelerating suddenly without warning and causing accidents and injuries.
Toyota has recalled more than 8 million vehicles in the United States for problems related to floor mats that could become entangled with accelerator pedals or pedals that could stick with the throttle open.
But the class-action case contended that Toyota's electronics systems were at fault. After a long investigation, government officials concluded last year that there was no evidence that faulty electronics contributed to the acceleration issues. But a subsequent review of that inquiry by a branch of the National Academy of Sciences found that federal regulators had lacked the expertise to monitor electronic controls in automobiles.
The company has been fined more than $60 million by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for failing to inform regulators of internal information about the sudden acceleration, which the company has largely attributed to driver error.
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christian soldier said...

Toyota is a non union organization - isn't it!
Something has always 'smelled' about these supposed 'problems' w/ Toyota vehicles!