Sunday, January 20, 2013

List of the Day: What Democrats Believe:

We saw this recently on Newsbusters.  Spread the word!

List of the Day.  What do Democrats really believe?
Democrats believe women are not intelligent enough to make a $10 a month birth control decision on their own.
Democrats believe women are not smart enough to compete for equal opportunity or pay, and often under pay their own women staff members.
Democrats believe blacks are not as intelligent as others and therefore must be kept in poverty.
Democrats believe blacks are not capable of performing at the same level as others, so they implemented affirmative action.
Democrats believe welfare is a lifestyle for minorities because minorities are not intelligent enough to succeed.
Democrats offer welfare to their base to keep them in poverty in exchange for a vote on election day, rather than opportunities for them to succeed on their own.
Democrats believe their female base is incapable of personal responsibility, so they redefine abortion as "women's reproductive choices."
Democrats loathe gays, blacks and hispanics as evidenced how they treat gays, blacks and hispanics who step off the democrat plantation.
Democrats support abortion because they see children as competitors for their benefits.
Democrats feign outrage at the deaths of children in a school, when they believe it will help them reach a political agenda, but never talk about the millions of children murdered through abortion.
Democrats want to take guns away from law abiding citizens to reduce deaths in America, but are not willing to give up their SUVs and BMWs which cause even more deaths every year.
Democrats believe Americans are not intelligent enough to make basic decisions in life and therefore feel they must make those decisions for Americans themselves.

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