Friday, January 25, 2013

Map: How Mitt Romney could have won!

Simple.  By allocating votes by Congressional District Mitt Romney would have been the winner.  Romney won a majority of US Congressional Districts and if the vote were distributed by Congressional District, instead of Winner-Take-All Mitt Romney would have emerged victorious.  In all states (with the exception of Nebraska and Maine) the winner of that state gets all of their electoral votes.
With this system in place Romney would have gained the majority of electoral votes from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin.  He would have lost a few electoral votes in Utah, Texas and Alabama.

  • Republicans want a bill that would allocate votes by congressional district
  • They want it to replace the current electoral college voting system
  • Virginia's Republican-controlled Congress tabled such a bill on Wednesday
  • Under such a system, Mitt Romney would have won the last election


    Anonymous said...

    Ok, but the map is wrong. Milwaukee's congressional district went for Obama by a vast margin.

    harp1034 said...

    Be careful what you wish for. It could come back to bite you down the road.

    Anonymous said...

    If you vote Republican in states such as New York your vote was and usually is a total waste. This would make a huge difference and would probably bring out more voters too.