Friday, February 1, 2013

Conservatives Dominate: Ranking Red vs. Blue States' Political Ideology:

Interesting.  Via The Washington Post.  The Post ranks all of the US States by Political Ideology.  The states at the top have the highest Conservatives advantage (Alabama, Wyoming and North Dakota).  At the bottom are the states with the lowest Conservative advantage (D.C, Rhode Island and Mass).  Below the image are some talking points:

Some things that jump out at us:
  • In 48 of the 50 States plus DC the Conservatives hold an advantage.
  • In 38 of the 50 States Conservative hold a 10 Point advantage.
  • In 24 of the States Conservatives are at 40% or higher.
  • In only 1 of the "States" (DC) Liberals are at 40% or higher.
  • Swing States advantage:
    • Pennsylvania:  Conservative +15.2%; 
    • Ohio:  Conservative +18.1%
    • Wisconsin:  Conservative +18.5
    • Virginia:  Conservative +18.4%
    • North Carolina:  Conservative +20.9%
    • Colorado:  Conservative +15.7%
    • Nevada:  Conservative +15.6%
    • Florida:  Conservative +17.2%

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, moderates are flaming liberals, liberals are committed Marxists.

Your figures must be viewed in this context. Conservatives are just adults and the USA loves youth. So we have 60 year olds who have never evolved beyond a 7 year olds reasoning.