Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Global Warming Update: 10,000 Cold Weather RECORDS set in last month

Global Warming Update. This should lead the news.  But according to What's up with that nearly 10,000 Cold Weather related records have been set in North America in a month's period.

If this were a month of a heatwave across thus USA, like last July, you can bet it would be MSM headlines all over the place and breathless stories from AP’s Seth Borenstein and pronouncements from the Mannian climate cartel about how all this is connected to global warming, er climate change, er climate disruption.

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But nary a peep so far about this cold wave lasting over a month that has generated 9787 records posted by NOAA/NWS.

Conversely, here is the list of high temperatures, and high minimum temperatures.

The tally to present for the last 6 weeks
  • High temperature records: 1214
  • Low temperature records: 3464
  • High minimum temperature records: 1957
  • Low maximum temperature records: 4323
  • Snowfall records: 2000
There is no corresponding anti-snowfall record.
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Copie said...

One would have to be very dumb to believe that record cold weather is really global warming!

EconAtheist said...

Cripes, you faux skeptic. Local disruptions and max/mins are a *predicted outcome of AGW models*. Checked in on Australia lately? Seen CA's droughts?

/global surface temps are rising
//patterns are falling apart
///7/8 of that energy is produced by man