Saturday, July 27, 2013

Full Video: Sean Hannity Show - "Saving America"

Saving America. Fox News Sean Hannity hosted a special show Friday Night "How can we help save America?" FNC's Sean Hannity hosts an all-star panel of experts headed up by Katie Pavlich, David Webb, Michelle Fields, Scottie Hughes, Julie Roginsky, Tamara Holder & Brooke Goldstein as they weigh in with their perceptions of how the ethics and morality issue throughout Politics, Sports and the MSM in America should be addressed in the future.

"Saving America" - Sean Hannity Special (COMPLETE) - Fox News - 7-26-13

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Right Fight HQ said...

Thank you CC, for posting this entire show online. I appreciate Hannity's effort, but the real problem here, and what is so disturbing, is that the citizens of this great country are completely without representation - hence the need for a solicitation of ideas from an audience like this.

Progressivism is the cancer, and instead of cutting it out, the GOP is helping it spread and ultimately metastasize - which will result in the destruction of this nation. 'We the people' are completely on our own until some kind of effective leadership takes hold to battle all who are allowing this to happen.

In trying to be part of the "solution," I have started a website that has all the news and information that is important to those wanting a return to smaller government. It is updated daily and there are many more resources I will be adding to it shortly. Please take a moment to visit and see if you find the content beneficial to you. (see ID link)