Friday, October 18, 2013

Video: Don't Let THEM Detroit Virginia

Video - Don't Let THEM Detroit Virginia:

RUSH: I've got the audio of the television ad that ran for a while in the Virginia governor's race.  The ad was put together for Ken Cuccinelli.  It was put together by an independent group of people who were fed up with liberalism.  They're fed up with the Democrat Party.  They're actually fed up with the fact that Republicans don't run these kinds of ads.  I don't remember the name of the group.  It's five guys that did this.
I think they're New Yorkers, and they're just fed up, and they're upset. Now, they're not upset at Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli is a great pugilist.  He does fight back.  That's why this group put the ad together.  But I think the ad hasn't run in a while, and it may be a question of money.  But I have audio of the ad. Well, I watched it on television, watched the video, and I decided that even though the graphics that support the audio aren't here, I wanted you to hear it anyway, because they've researched this ad.
They focus-grouped this ad among voters in Virginia, and it causes a massive change of intention to vote from McAuliffe to Cuccinelli. Massive. In some cases, eight-point swings.  McAuliffe ends up minus four after this ad and Cuccinelli ends up plus four.  In some cases, it's a bigger swing than that, so here's the ad.  There's no moderation here, there's no bipartisanship, there's no appeal to getting along.  This ad basically says to Terry McAuliffe and the Democrat Party, "We're not gonna let you Detroit us.  We're not gonna let you turn Virginia into every place else you've run into the ground." 

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