Thursday, November 7, 2013

Video: Ann Coulter Thrashes GOP for Throwing Away Easily Winnable Races on Hannity

Fox News Video - Conservative columnist Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity Wednesday night to react to the big elections this week. And amidst a rather strong bout of Chris Christie-bashing, Coulter went after the GOP for throwing away easy races by running candidates that the conservative base loves but have zero chance of winning in a general election. Coulter said, "Any Republican is better than any Democrat, and Republicans really have to focus on winning." She cited the Virginia gubernatorial race in particular, saying Ken Cuccinelli might have had a better chance at winning if 1) the RNC had actually thrown its weight behind him, and 2) if Republicans hadn't nominated E.W. Jackson, a fiery conservative preacher, for the position of lieutenant governor.


Anonymous said...

Coulter always draws the wrong lessons from election results. Cuccinelli's loss was not due to his running mate but due to lack of time pushing his anti-Obamacare message.

Coulter STILL likes Christie and STILL believes Romney was superb.

See the book, Vanity: Ann Coulter's Quest for Glory, at

christian soldier said...

Any R is better than any D- REALLY Ann!!
RINO -mc cain- comes to mind -as do many- who refute that take of yours--