Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mars Rover: What is this 'light' photographed in the distance?

Proof of life on Mars?  Or just an anomaly?  Whatever it is this light photographed on Mars from the Mars Rover is stirring up quite a controversy.
  • A new Nasa photo appears to show an artificial light on the Red Planet
  • The image was taken by the Curiosity rover
  • One UFO blogger claims it ‘could indicate there is intelligent life below’
  • But it is more than likely just an anomaly in the photo
  • Many false detections of life on Mars have been claimed before
  • Meanwhile, Curiosity is set to study a fascinating Martian region
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Life on Mars? In this photo taken by the Curiosity rover a light of unknown origin can be seen in the distance

Enhance: Closer up it's not any clearer what the light source is, but it's probably just an anomaly in the photo

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