Friday, June 20, 2014

FIFA World Cup - Complete Scores, Updates and Schedule of Matches

Via CNN.  Complete tally of the 2014 FIFA World Cup scores, updates and upcoming matches:

Group C: Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast (FT)
James Rodriguez (64 mins)
Quintero (70 mins)
Gervinho (73 mins)
Group D: Uruguay 2-1 England (FT)
Luis Suarez (38 mins)
Wayne Rooney (75 mins)
Luis Suarez (85 mins)
Group C: Japan 0-0 Greece (FT)
Kostas Katsouranis (Red card, 38 mins)
Schedule of matches (kickoff times in GMT)

Thursday June 12

Friday June 13

Saturday June 14

Sunday June 15

Monday June 16

Tuesday June 17

Wednesday June 18

Thursday June 19

Friday June 20
Group D: Italy v Costa Rica in Recife (1600)
Group E: Switzerland v France in Salvador (1900)
Group E: Honduras v Ecuador in Curitiba (2200)

Saturday June 21
Group F: Argentina v Iran in Belo Horizonte (1600)
Group G: Germany v Ghana in Fortaleza (1900)
Group F: Nigeria v Bosnia Herzegovina in Cuiaba (2200)

Sunday June 22
Group H: Belgium v Russia in Rio de Janeiro (1600)
Group H: South Korea v Algeria in Porto Alegre
Group G: USA v Portugal in Manaus (2200)

Monday June 23
Group B: Netherlands v Chile in Sao Paulo (1600)
Group B: Australia v Spain in Curitiba (1600)
Group A: Brazil v Cameroon in Brasilia (2000)
Group A: Croatia v Mexico in Recife (2000)

Tuesday June 24
Group D: Italy v Uruguay in Natal (1600)
Group D: Costa Rica v England in Belo Horizonte (1600)
Group C: Japan v Colombia in Cuiaba (2000)
Group C: Greece v Ivory Coast in Fortaleza (2000)

Wednesday June 25
Group F: Nigeria v Argentina in Porto Alegre (1600)
Group F: Bosnia Herzegovina v Iran in Salvador (1600)
Group E: Honduras v Switzerland in Manaus (2000)
Group E: Ecuador v France in Rio de Janeiro (2000)

Thursday June 26
Group G: Portugal v Ghana in Brasilia (1600)
Group G: USA v Germany in Recife (1600)
Group H: South Korea v Belgium in Sao Paulo (2000)
Group H: Algeria v Russia in Curitiba (2000)

Last-16 knockout matches:
Saturday June 28
Match 49: Winner Group A v Runner-Up Group B in Belo Horizonte (1600)

Match 50: Winner Group C v Runner-Up Group D in Rio de Janeiro (2000)

Sunday June 29
Match 51: Winner Group B v Runner-Up Group A in Fortaleza (1600)
Match 52: Winner Group D v Runner-Up Group C in Recife (200)

Monday June 30:
Match 53: Winner Group E v Runner-Up Group F in Brasilia (1600)
Match 54: Winner Group G v Runner-Up Group H in Porto Alegre (200)

Tuesday July 1
Match 55: Winner Group F v Runner-Up Group E in Sao Paulo (1600)
Match 56: Winner Group H v Runner-~Up Group G in Salvador (2000)

Friday July 4
Match 57: Winner Match 54 v Winner Match 53 in Rio de Janeiro (1600)
Match 58: Winner Match 49 Winner Match 50 in Fortaleza (2000)

Saturday July 5
Match 59: Winner Match 55 v Winner Match 56 in Brasilia (1600)
Match 60: Winner Match 51 v Winner Match 52 in Salvador (2000)

Tuesday July 8
Match 61: Winner Match 57 v Winner Match 58 in Belo Horizonte (2000)

Wednesday July 9
Match 62: Winner Match 59 v Winner Match 60 in Sao Paulo (2000)

Third and fourth place playoff
Saturday July 12
Loser Match 61 v Loser Match 62 in Brasilia (2000)

Sunday July 13
Winner Match 61 v Winner Match 62 in Rio de Janeiro (1900)

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