Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Best Editorial Page you will find:

The best editorial page that you will find is easily Investor's Business Daily editorial page.  IBD publishes easy to read editorials that blow away anything else out there.  A sample:

GeopoliticsVladimir Putin's brazen invasion of Ukraine, while America and our allies stand by, essentially gives Russia greater influence and control over Europe. Stopping him is going to get riskier and pricier.

Education For a parent, the headline couldn't be more alarming: "Teacher of the Year accused of molesting student, charged with 5 felonies." It's a story that, tragically, is all too common — and all too underreported. Why?

Economy In a 24-hour period, one government office upgraded its second-quarter growth estimate, while another downgraded its long-term forecast. There's more cause for alarm than celebration.

Scandal:  Talk of crashed and recycled hard drives, like that Benghazi video, was a distraction from the truth, which is that the missing emails detailing IRS perfidy exist on a system intended for government wide catastrophe.

War On TerrorA new report from the West Point counterterrorism center says the administration ignored warning signs as the Islamic State grew and trained over a four-year period paralleling our withdrawal from Iraq.

Taxes: It's no surprise Burger King is merging with Tim Hortons and moving its headquarters to Canada. Taxes are much lower there. What's strange is the deal's being financed by someone who believes in higher taxes here.

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