Thursday, December 11, 2014

[WATCH] This Black Woman’s BOLD statement about Michael Brown will enrage Ferguson Protesters

WOW!  WOW!!  A little bit of language but this video by a lady who goes by the name Honestly Speaking speaks truth to power.  Please pass it on - this is going viral now.

[WATCH] This Black Woman’s BOLD Statement Will Enrage Ferguson Protesters


Anonymous said...

this is the kind of American that our soldiers are fighting for GBH

anon xo

Anonymous said...

This awesome lady has her head on straight! She tells the truth and this country needs more people like her. In all races. Speak the truth always, and stop listening to all the lies that the communist news and government are telling.

Justin said...

Brown ran because the cop took two shots at him in the car.

We can figure out how fast Brown was moving during the shooting from the physical evidence. Brown moved towards Wilson 25'. The audio of the shots is 6.5 seconds long with a 3 second pause apparently when Brown paused. That means that Brown moved 25' in 3.5 seconds. That means that Brown was moving at 4.8 mph, hardly a charge, more like a brisk walk. Try it yourself. So was Brown charging "full speed", head down as Wilson and some witnesses allege or was he stumbling forward with 4 gunshot wounds? This goes to the reasonableness of Wilson's fear and the accuracy of his testimony. It certainly seems like enough to indict.