Friday, November 13, 2015

Neil Cavuto vs. the Liberal Little Snowflake - guess who wins?

Stunningly incompetent. Stunningly ignorant. Stunningly clueless. A painful exchange with a young student who's organizing for free public colleges, cancellation of all student debt and $15/hour minimum wage for all campus employees. She doesn't really know how to pay for it, unfortunately.

Neil Cavuto embarrasses student who wants free college and has no idea how to pay for it


Anonymous said...

he should have asked
if you had a job in college at l5.00 per hour, would you be willing to pay
90% of it to taxes/ and had the balance to live on????

annonn xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

She is just spoutin' shit she heard somewhere else.

K T Cat said...

I could watch that over and over and over again.

Link exchange done!