Saturday, June 11, 2016

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?

Viral Video - Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary?


Alessandro Machi said...

This video misses the point. There is an ongoing Clinton Derangement Syndrome funded agenda. And the most effective way to keep the embers reigniting is by making VIDEOS. Once the video is made, it will recirculate for basically, forever.
So why are people searching for Hillary Clinton "CRI". because of un objective videos that continue to circulate the web. Youtube, owned by google, is a cesspool for Hillary Clinton hit videos. This idiot in this video can't see the trees for the forest, youtube generates waves of anti Hillary Clinton PR, google attempts to parse it.

Alessandro Machi said...

For the record, when I googled Hillary Clinton wom…. nothing came up. I kept adding letters until I finished the phrase Hillary Clinton Woman of the year. Hillary Clinton has been voted Woman of the year 20 years, including 14 years in a row, and google never once filled in and completed my phrase, even when I finally finished the phrase Hillary Clinton Woman of the Year, google still offered no advice.

So this continued fixation on Hillary Clinton as a criminal while discounting anything good that she has done is, Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome. If you have it, get help.