Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The very best editorial page you will find...

is easily Investor's Business Daily.  IBD publishes easy to read editorials that show the benefits of Free Markets and Capitalism.  Tell a friend, or two, or three...  A sampling:

Trump: Anyone who is certain that the presidential polls taken today are solid evidence of a Hillary Clinton victory over Donald Trump in November might want to take a look at what happened in the U.K.'s "Brexit" vote just a few months ago.

Graft:  While Goldman Sachs was in the middle of laying off 1,700 workers in 2013, it decided to spend more than two-thirds of a million dollars on Hillary Clinton. And what did it get for its sizable investment? Very expensive pabulum.

Follow The Money: 'Unbiased' Journalists Gave $382,000 To Hillary Clinton. This election has been particularly hard on journalistic integrity.  Emails unearthed by hackers and released by WikiLeaks over the past few days have exposed a cozy, if not outright corrupt, relationship between reporters and Democrats.

Hurricanes:  Whether they admit it out loud or not, many global warming alarmists want more destructive weather events to validate their assumptions. But what happens when they can't get their "dirty weather," as Al Gore calls it? Then they'll just have define down what a disaster is.

Obamacare Update: Administration officials just unveiled an Orwellian new strategy for masking ObamaCare's mounting costs -- rebrand them as "savings."

Election 2016: If nothing else, the release of secret transcripts from Hillary Clinton's speeches provides some valuable insights into how she views economic growth. Unfortunately, the picture it paints is deeply troubling.

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