Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watch Gibbs Squirm:

SLAMDUNK!  Fox New's Gretchen Carlson absolutely has White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs for lunch this morning.  Gibbs refused (5 times) to answer a simple question - that being whether President Obama will give credit to George W. Bush for the success of the Surge in Iraq for enabling troops to be withdrawn.  And remember, it was President Bush who signed the SOFA agreement in 2008 mandating for the withdrawal of US Troops by 2011.

FLASHBACK 2007: Senator Obama:  "The Surge Will Fail"


John Carey said...

This administration makes me sick. They never have direct answers for direct questions. Here is what the American people voted for; “will you credit Bush”, umm, umm, I think you asked that question at least three times already. We deserve better than what they’re shoveling.

So instead of answering the tough questions they use hacks like Brian Williams, knowing full well he'll ask softball questions and give them a free pass. So they use NBC like the lapdogs they are to spread their own misinformation. Like I said they make me sick. Great video CC and sorry for the rant.

christian soldier said...

bho's goons are such _$$e$!!

Da Curly Wolf said...

Not surprising...I could eat Gibbs for lunch but I don't like long pork. *VEG* BTW my friend if you liked my last post check out the new one..I was a little..perturbed.