Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Sister Site - The Internet Radio Network:

Some of our COMMON CENTS readers may be not be aware of the fact that we have a sister site:  The Internet Radio Network. At the IRN you can listen to over 80 of your favorite Talk Radio Shows via Free Streaming Audio. These shows include Politics (Rush, Sean, Levin, Beck), Religious Programing, Investing, Sports and much, much more - all via Free Streaming Audio:

Studies show that the Talk Radio Audience has successful upscale demographics and usually:
  • have an income over $75,000 (vs. median US income of $48,200)
  • have graduated college
  • own their residence
  • are likely to use the Internet
  • are 25-65 years old (with the numbers of women listeners steadily increasing)
Listen to The Internet Radio Network here.

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