Saturday, November 26, 2011

2nd Scott Walker Ad; "I'm Not Big on Reacalls"

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is back on the air with the 2nd commercial supporting himself. The new spot features a woman who is identified by her first name in the on-screen text, “Kristi,” and is listed as being a teacher — a key demographic, as a major subject of the recall is Walker’s anti-public employee union legislation that has particularly hit educators in their interactions with school districts. “I’m not big on recalls,” says Kristi, “and I think that, at this point, in my opinion — and I’m only speaking from the ‘I’ — it feels a little like sour grapes. It’s you know, ‘we didn’t get our way and so we want to change the outcome.’
“The person that I’m going to stand behind and that is going to get my vote is the man or the woman that says what they mean and means what they say, and it’s not about being popular — you know, it’s not about getting the votes — it’s ‘this is what’s right.’ “Scott Walker said from the beginning, ‘I’m going to do what’s right for Wisconsin,’ and he did. He did.”

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