Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friends of Common Cents:

Taking the evening off.  In the meantime check out these Outstanding Sites:

Modern American Federalism
(New to the blogging - look forward to seeing this one develop!)


Sultan Knish 

Coffee With The Hermit 

Atlas Shrugs 

Hot Air 

Legal Insurrection

Sentry Journal 


Michael Haltman said...

I checked out Modern American Federalism. Good article and you should tell Chris that he should include a way for people to subscribe by email and feed to his articles.


Michael Haltman
The Political Commentator
New York, New York
Twitter: @ThePoliticalCom

christian soldier said...

Thank you for the list-
I even found IAN (a commenter on one of them) - a small farmer w/ an horse who looks like mine!