Friday, November 16, 2012

Reminder to Republicans: "The Democrats didn't compromise in 2008"

With all the talk about working together and compromise (mostly directed at the GOP) it might be nice to take a trip down memory lane.  In 2004 the Democrats, and John Kerry, lost a bitterly contested Presidential election.  The Republicans also picked up seats in BOTH the Senate (where they also knocked off the Majority Leader Tom Daschle) and the House of Representatives.

The consensus was that the Democrat Party had to compromise   They would have to become more like the Republicans.  Did they?  Hardly, they fought President Bush tooth and nail.  They instituted the FIRST EVER filibuster of Judicial Nominees, including the first Hispanic to be Solicitor General Miguel Estrada.  They filibustered the UN Ambassador appointment, John Bolton and forced President Bush to make a recess appointment.  There were constant non-stop speeches about protecting the rights of the Democratic minority.

That was nothing compared to their opposition to the Iraq War.  They opposed everything having to do with Iraq - even to the point of kicking the one Democrat Senator who supported President Bush (Joe Lieberman) out of the party.  The Democrats supported a radical anti-war candidate who defeated Lieberman in the Connecticut Primary.  (Lieberman later won as an independent ).  Remember just four years earlier Lieberman was Al Gore's VP Pick.

Again there was no compromise, no talk about getting along, no lets play nice together.  The Democrat minority played hand-to-hand combat.  They used scorched earth tactics to delay and obstruct any effort by President Bush to improve the economy.  Remember how viscerally they opposed Social Security Reform?  That went nowhere fast.

Remarkably, THIS WORKED.  They were able to use a complaisant press to blame all the problems of America on President Bush.  They called him every name in the book, blamed him for being partisan and in the 2006 election were able to take control of Congress (both houses).  The Democrats lambasted 4.4% unemployment in October of 2006!!!  Will we ever see that LOW a rate again?  In 2008 the Barack Obama was elected promising "Change".

There is a Lesson to Republicans -- DON'T COMPROMISE!  If you want to regain power fight the radical Democrats.  They never concede defeat, they never give in.  Please be smart enough to learn from them.

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