Friday, February 1, 2013


is easily Investor's Business Daily.  IBD publishes easy-to-read editorials that clearly show the benefits of Free Markets and Capitalism.  A sample.

Media Bias:  Establishment media outlets disregard major story after major story, meanwhile a phony story gets made up. A constant diet of disinformation and outright lies does not a free, informed America make.

Free Markets:  Unemployment in socialist Brazil has hit a record-low 4.6%, the government said Thursday, two days after it proposed a $15 billion tax cut. So why can't the U.S. elect socialists who deliver such results?

Ethanol:  Laws, regulations and public policies always have unintended consequences. Sometimes they create shortages, even of food. Other times they bring on housing bubbles. And then, on occasion, they wreck our cars.

Guns:  A 15-year-old girl who performed at the president's inauguration is gunned down by gangs less than a mile from Barack Obama's home. What does Chicago's mayor do? He blames banks who lend gun makers money.

Politics: Liberals' advice to Republicans — always suspect — is that "restrictive" immigration policies lose the GOP votes. In fact, lots more U.S. citizens from the Third World mean lots more votes for Democrats.

Obamanomics:  The economy shrank last quarter, the deficit topped $1 trillion last year, U.S. debt shot up $5 trillion in the past four, and joblessness is at 7.8%. Boy, President Obama sure inherited an economic mess, didn't he?

Higher Education A new study finds almost half of Americans with college degrees are working at jobs that don't require one. It's the latest example of how federal subsidies are creating a massive higher-education bubble.

Media Bias:  CBS' "60 Minutes" just out-lapdogged its 1992 Bill and Hillary Clinton Gennifer Flowers scandal interview. The "news magazine" on Sunday became a "Hillary in 2016" campaign brochure.

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