Tuesday, June 4, 2013

John Eastman Rocks the IRS House Oversight Hearing!

6/4/13 - Professor John Eastman, chairman of the National Organization for Marriage RIPS Blumenauer A New One At IRS Hearing.

John Eastman RIPS Blumenauer and Democrats A New One At IRS Hearing


Bob Barnes said...

When Protectmarriage.com (NOM) filed their brief to hide their donors they listed the abuses they claimed. No arrests, no real police reports, no abused people in the streets,no eye-witnessed damage done to property.

We know Eastman's claims to be untrue.


Anonymous said...

A boycott of a business is harassment? Well, then, Mr. Eastman, NOM is a HUGE harasser for its ongoing (pathetically loosing, I might add) boycott of Starbucks. And, Mr. Eastman, freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from replies. Remember, our Founding Fathers risked EVERYTHING because of what they believed in. And some lost everything but they felt it was worth it.