Thursday, June 27, 2013

Video and More: Key Witness Testifies in George Zimmerman Trial

George Zimmerman Trial Update.  The Daily Mail is all over Day 4 of the George Zimmerman trial.  Zimmerman is the man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin.

Drama at Zimmerman trial as Trayvon's friend - and star witness Rachel Jeantel is forced to admit she can't even read letter she allegedly wrote to his mother about the deadly shooting
  • She said she believed the encounter was racially charged because Trayvon called Zimmerman a 'creep-a** cracker'
  • Had to admit that she couldn't read cursive in court
  • Grew annoyed and confused several times throughout her testimony
  • Defense attorney Don West raises his voice and gets agitated with Jeantel
  • Says former resident of Retreat at Twin Lakes testifies
  • Disturbing 911 call played to the court
  • Prosecution revealed that Jenna Lauer follows George Zimmerman on Twitter
Key Witness Testifies in George Zimmerman Trial:

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