Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anthony Weiner Update: Deal With Your Anger Issues, ‘Grandpa’!

Anthony Weiner Update.  Watch how Anthony Weiner deals with GOP Rival George McDonald at a joint event:
Deal With Your Anger Issues, ‘Grandpa’!

MCDONALD: Keep your hands off me. 
WEINER: I heard what you said. 
MCDONALD: Don’t put your hands on me ever again. 
WEINER: Really? What’s going to happen if I do? Tough guy now? 
MCDONALD: Yeah. Yeah, I am. 
WEINER: [inaudible]… but your anger issues… 
MCDONALD: I don’t have any anger issues. 
WEINER: But you do, grandpa.
Via Mediaite.

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Keir said...

Here's the latest: Yesterday Weiner mocked a British reporter, saying he couldn't take her seriously (!) and then proceeded to mock her, delivering a faux weather report in an insulting British accent whilst exhorting people to keep a stiff (he then stumbled) upper lip.
He attacked his female staff, complaining to them within earshot of all that the organisation was "no good, the way you have this organised. “This is N.G. -- not great. etc etc etc”
He told another reporter to "get a hobby", assuming the reporter was following his campaign as a lark rather than as part of his job.
He then blamed more people for his mistake in knocking on the same people's doors, leading one exasperated resident to complain through her closed door- “I already said I didn’t want to meet you; please stop knocking on my door!”
If this is how he conducts his campaigns, imagine how he'd conduct his professional conduct as controller of the US's biggest metropolis!