Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fox News Special: The Great Food Stamp Binge

Video: Fox News FULL Special: Great Food Stamp Binge - With one in seven Americans now receiving food stamps, a Fox News investigative team traveled the country to expose the government's startling attempts to get even more people to sign up for the "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program". Fox looks at the "cost to the recipients" as well as the American Taxpayer.

Fox News FULL Special: Great Food Stamp Binge


Betsy said...

And, of course, typical, obnoxious Media Matters was all over this disputing everything that was documented! What else is new?!?!
Well done Fox!! You got them running!
You know the age old comment......"methinks you protest too much" is the perfect slogan for Media Matters and, for that matter, ALL of Georgie Porgie Soros' crappy Progressive BS!!!!!
America is getting wise to it all!

Anonymous said...

Is the plan to get so many people (mostly democrats)on food stamps so that they will all vote democrat in order not to lose their food stamps. Fox News is the only network, in my opinion to expose this plan. Then what ????the next election. Disgraceful. This country is going to pot.

Anonymous said...

Seeds are the "gateway drug" to get folks signed up on Food Stamps, interesting.

Anonymous said...

Fox news traveled the country and found 1 guy cheating the system. Sound like they proved it's working the way it should.