Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Audio: OK Shooting is Trayvon Martin in Reverse - But Worse!

Audio - On his radio show this afternoon, Rush Limbaugh attacked the "mainstream media" for its lack of coverage of the racial details in the Oklahoma shooting which he calls "Trayvon Martin in reverse." 22-year-old college baseball player Chris Lane was gunned down this week in Oklahoma while out for jog. One of the three perpetrators reportedly told police they did it simply because they were "bored." Two of the three teenagers were black; the other was white. All were under the age of 18. "No matter where you look in the media, it's not a racial event," the host said. "This is the epitome of media irresponsibility. This is a classic illustration of just what role the mainstream media is playing in the destruction of American culture and society."
Rush Limbaugh: OK Shooting of White Athlete is 'Trayvon Martin in Reverse, but Worse'

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Anonymous said...

If you doubt the racial nature of this incident, look at the shooter's racist tweets (before they disappear).