Thursday, August 29, 2013

Video: Security Camera Captures Four New Jersey Teens In Act Of Honesty

Feel good story and video of the day. This video has gone viral, showing four NJ High School Football players paying for their purchase, even tho there was no clerk present at the store!  The surveliance camera is from Buddy's Small Lots in Wayne, New Jersey.
Four high school football players have been caught on surveillance camera taking batteries and headphones from a closed New Jersey shop - and then leaving exact change for the goods on the counter, sales tax included.The owners of Buddy's Small Lots in Wayne were shocked when they watched the security footage after getting a call reporting a break-in at the shop around 7 p.m. Sunday night.They later learned there was never a break-in, a malfunctioning lock left the door to the closed shop open to anyone who wanted to walk in. Lederman was so impressed by the teens she set out to find them.
And on Tuesday, she did. It turned out the boys were football players at William Patterson High School, and stopped by the shop during a break in practice.Thomas James, Kelle Gallimore, Jelani Bruce and Anthony Biondi are all playing their first year of Division III football for the school, and were running some errands before practice on Sunday. They were in need of an audio cable for a set of dorm room speakers and some batteries, and didn't have any luck at Rite Aid, so they walked into Buddy's where the door was open and a few lights were still on. The teens told the station that they didn't believe they did anything special and that they were surprised by the attention.
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Anonymous said...

their parents should write a book on HOW TO RAISE TEEMS

anon xo

nisha singla said...

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Nichole Mercado said...

I read an article about the anti-bystander effect of cctv security cameras on people. That is doing an act opposite to the bystander effect, where an average person wouldn't help someone in need or do honest work because they feel that they are not obliged to do it. Having cctv camera watching can make citizens be more aware of their behavior, thus doing the right thing. I don't know if that's the reason for this act of kindness or if their parents have really done a wonderful job. Either way, I commend these boys for a job well done.