Saturday, December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty Update: Wal Mart online is SOLD OUT of Duck Dynasty merchandise!

Literally flying off the shelves!  Walmart revealed that it's online store currently sold out of all Duck Dynasty merchandise.  No wonder this is America's favorite family!

Walmarts sells a huge array of Duck Dynasty merchandise- from T-shirts to camo bedding, posters, watches, toy trucks, camo chairs, clothing, jewellery and even bottle openers.Today, as Phil Robertson's close-knit family insisted they would not film the hit A&E show without him following his suspension by the network, fans tweeted they were rushing to Walmart.However, others pointed out that this support merely puts more money into A&E's pockets as well, with one tweeting: 'Loving that Tea People are rushing to Walmart to Duck Dynasty swag in protest of A& who OWNS the merchandising.'Another added: 'I better rush off to Walmart and buy up all the Phil Robertson merchandise 'cuz it's gonna be a collectors item one day.'Another tweet read: 'Your stores may look quite vacant when you pull down the Duck Dynasty merch. May want to double down on the Honey Boo Boo.'
Best Seller: Duck Dynasty products have sold out on the Walmart website following Phil Robertson's explosive comments


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