Friday, June 20, 2014

War on Women Update: Child rape victim claims Hillary Clinton smeared her in 1975 to get lighter sentence for attacker she knew was guilty

War on Women Update.  Alternate headline - Hillary Clinton vs. 12 Year Old Rape Victim.  Exit question - why do Democrats wage a unrelenting War on Women??
The woman who had her claims of being raped as a child overturned by Hillary Clinton in Arkansas in 1975 has accused the former Secretary of State of being a hypocrite.
The unnamed victim says Clinton should not be known as a champion of women's rights after the then-attorney found a way for her attacker to get off on a lesser charge and lighter sentence.
As newly released tapes of Clinton discussing the case surfaced, the woman, who was a 12-year-old virgin at the time of the attack, told the Daily Beast her character had been smeared in the trial.
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