Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wikileaks Update - MORE of what is in those Podesta emails...

And some of it is VERY, VERY interesting.  Of course the State Controlled Media is ignoring but there are some extremely interesting things in here.  Via Reddit.

  • EMAILID 4178 "DOJ folks inform me..." Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon keeping in touch directly with the DOJ folks regarding the email case.

  • EMAILID 4433 John Podesta about Crooked Hillary: " I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I'm running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion."

  • EMAILID 4836 Katie Couric sucking up to the Hillary campaign, offering her services: "I'd also like to do a separate piece of business through social media along the lines of "10 things you don't know about Hillary Clinton" that would showcase her personality and has a lot of viral potential."

  • EMAILID 5213 Clinton Foundation problems ( WJC=Bill Clinton CVC = Chelsea Clinton in previous emails: ) "I just received a call from a close friend of wjcs who said that cvc told one of the bush 43 kids that she is conducting an internal investigation of money within the foundation from cgi to the foundation The bush kid then told someone else who then told an operative within the republican party I have heard more and more chatter of cvc and bari talking about lots of what is going on internally to people Not smart"

  • EMAILID 4818 Philippe Reines thinks there are massive leaks in the Hillary operation in 2015. Someone is talking to the press gives them all types of info that is only known to about 10 people. John Podesta dismisses saying the media just invented stuff and guessed right...

  • EMAILID 4313 Philippe Reines is very annoyed that is planning to spend 1 million to draw Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) into the race to run in 2016. Wants to use Hollywood connections to destroy support for Warren so she is not a threat. "I don't know who funds them, but don't we have Hollywood friends with ties to MoveOn who can tell them to cool it?"

  • EMAILID 4335 Huma and the gang are preparing for a meeting with The Indian (Elizabeth Warren). During the discussion it turns out they have someone called "Mindy" on Elizabeth Warren's staff, who "could provide some intel". So they have a staffer who leaks out information ("intel") to them so the meeting can go well for them. Later Huma reveals they had two moles working for them within Warren's camp: "Mandy has been helpful and will provide good intel. As for Mindy, we have frustrated her but yes she will also be very helpful."

  • EMAILID 4637 Lifelong Democrat voter sends a complaint to John Podesta about the massive lack of respect shown to people like him. "I'm a dinosaur to the Democratic Party..white, southern, vereran, male senior. Party leaders like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Karen Finney, etal make that blatantly apparent. I would like to have my ilk shown a tiny bit of respect by the leaders of the Hillary campaign. " He also warns them he may vote Trump. - 2016 January (This was before a single vote was cast in the primary, with a ton of people running against Trump, so this patriot already guessed in January that Trump would become the nominee)

  • EMAILID 4383 Bill Clinton (WJC) was doing a paid speech for 255K for CISCO. Two months after Bill was offered this opportunity, the Department of State gave CISCO an for Corporate Excellence. They clearly excelled at paying the Clintons. Email also shows they were very afraid of FOIA requests and things like this becoming public without proper damage control.

  • EMAILID 4303 Crooked journalist of the rigged MSM media reports straight to John Podesta about how he attacked Donald Trump in one of the GOP debates as moderator. - 2015 before they even knew Trump was the nominee...

  • EMAILID 4513 Now this is interesting. John Podesta is being told that he will be in good hands because the FBI/DOJ team assigned to his case will keep things confidential What was the case, the public is not allowed to know about?: "To: John Podesta From: Blake Gottesman September 2008 "John / Chris: Thanks for your time on the call. As discussed, the White House will now excuse itself from the process unless/until you ask us to re-engage for any reason. You're in good hands. Brian Benczkowski (cc'd) and the DOJ/FBI team are committed to making sure the process is efficient and confidential."

  • EMAILID 5267 Plans for a Thursday meeting about how to best attack Bernie Sanders. "Sanders Agenda: · Review of top hits · Discussion of how we'd like to frame Bernie · Top stories we need to land · Campaign stance on hitting Bernie/tone" Discussion during this meeting also included : "· Tactics on attacks: what should go through HRC, surrogates, DNC, CTR" Which attacks should go through Crooked Hillary personally (HRC) and what should go CTR (Correct The Record, a PAC). This email is further proof of coordination between CTR and the Hillary campaign since they discuss which attacks to distribute where.

  • EMAILID 5270 Even Hillary's tweets are not her own creations, much like her public positions or prepared remarks. The staff is planning them out days in advance complete with (75) type bracketed numbers showing their unimpressive length.

  • EMAILID 4364 Top Clinton aides, John Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri mock Catholics for their faith. Complain about the large number of Catholics in prominent positions. According to John Halpin, to be a Catholic is "an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations". John Podesta who is also included in this email chain, does not say anything (he is reported as Catholic by the media).

  • EMAILID 5240 We know Hillary events have small crowds. She always had the smallest crowds even smaller than Bernie. But now we know many of the Crooked Campaign events were so small that the following policy was proposed : "Less than 100 people - NO cell phones, NO press. Over 100 people YES cell phones, and ONE print pooler will be escorted in for her remarks only and then escorted out. NO tv cameras. " That's right folks they are talking about CONFISCATING MOBILE DEVICES, so the embarrassingly small crowds OF UNDER 100 people could never be reported. Complete artificial manufactured reality. "Huma spoke to HRC and she agreed with this plan". Hillary for phone confiscations!

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