Sunday, June 11, 2017

Leftist Fascist Extremists attack anti-Sharia protesters:

Who wants to live under Sharia Law?  Women have zero rights, not even the right to drive and have to be veiled when outside their house.  Well Sharia Law has taken over many countries including Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, etc.

The anti-Sharia law side is marching against Sharia Law and of course is getting attacked for it.  That is what they left does - attack and shut down freedom.

Luke and Lauren Southern report from the Anti Sharia Law protest in NYC. In this video you can see them getting hassled, punched, and air horned, and accused of being nazis by ANTIFA for simply covering the event! Luke talks with a protestor who is unhappy with him covering both sides of the story.
Getting Punched With Lauren Southern At Counter Protest

ANTIFA and Muslim Thugs Violently Interrupt Americans Protesting Sharia Law


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Austin the city surrounded by Texas ... Love it. Why do the cowards wear masks? Just answered my own question, huh.

Eskyman said...

That visitor from the UK nailed it: The irony is unbelievable!

If the "antifa" could read, I'd tell them to google "brownshirts." Sadly, their education is only brainwashing & doesn't include history.