Saturday, March 28, 2009


Curtis Silwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, was there as well

Was what one young lady said as she rounded a corner outside Tyson's Corner Mall outside of Washington D.C. and looked out at a line that stretched all the way around the far corner of the mall, and then well beyond that. Mr and Mrs COMMON CENTS spend SIX HOURS standing in line Saturday (from 9:30 AM until our book was signed at 3:35 PM) at Tyson's Corner for the Mark Levin book signing. The crowd of thousands could not have been more polite, more well behaved and in better spirits despite a steady soft rain that fell all day. Many of the people had been lined up since 5:30 AM waiting for Mark to sign their book and when we left at 4PM the line was still outside, around the corner and about where it was when we joined it. Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny" is currently #1 on and today the Barnes and Noble at Tyson's corner sold thousands of them. We took some pictures of the crowd to give a sense of what "Real America" looks like:
Instapundit has a short video of the crowd outside Tyson's Corner waiting to get their book signed by Mark Levin.


Unknown said...

That is wonderful! I now have real hope for this nation.

We Conservatives must wake up the GOP and vote out the RINO's before it's too late.

Gayle said...

WOW, Steve! That makes me feel really hopeful. I've never seen a line that long before at a book signing!

Is it possible that people are finally waking up from their stupor? I sure hope so!

I'm glad you got a signed copy of the book and I know the wait was worth it. As I answered you on my post, I would have waited too if I didn't have to travel so far to get to anything like that. We're way out in the middle of nowhere, but I truly like it that way. :)

Right Truth said...

Now that is a fine example of good Conservative Americans. Can you imagine what they could do at the voting booth on election day if they had a real Conservative candidate?

Thanks so much for sharing.

I'm ordering my copy from

Right Truth

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

It's like America is finally getting Voter's Remorse less than 90 days in....should I get my stuff together for a run at the White House in 2012?

Anonymous said...

People who want to be feared and hated are always complaining about their own success.

Always On Watch said...

I wanted to go to this book signing but knew that my back just couldn't withstand the long wait.

It is so heartening to see that so many in Northern Virginia, the bastion of liberalism, stood out there in the drizzle to get signed what just may be the most important book of the decade.

I believe that many Americans are FED UP with the leftism running amok in our nation today. Now, we must translate that concern to the ballot box.

Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

SFC Assanowicz said...

It was a great day, albiet long and the day could have been nicer. That withstanding, everyone was in a great mood, and we swapped stories...everyone asked me about the military and Iraq.

You know what was really impressing? Despite the long lines, wet/cold weather there was NO bickering, fighting, arguing, littering, or other disruptive behavior. If it were a left leaning author, no line would have been neccessary, and if it were a government giveaway line, american idol, or someother moronic indeavor I bet same could not have been said. They'd still be cleaning the mall up.

HUGE thanks to Mr Levin who stayed and signed every book and met every person who came out. Theres not anyone else like him. Most would have cut and run after a few hours.

Mark said...

I headed that way, but my 2008 car with only 11,000 miles on it and a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty started dying and sputtering and jerking and lurching, so I turned around and headed back to Fredericksburg.

Monday morning sharp, that car will be at the dealership's shop, and it damn well better be free to fix!

Mark Levin is my favorite Conservative talk show host and writer, and I am just sick about missing him.

Franco said...

As a long time Mark Levin fan this warms my heart. I am often listening to his show find myself amazed at what a great show he has. I listen to Rush Limbaugh who is great, and Laura Ingraham who is also very good and some others, but Mark is the only one I really look forward to and he always over-delivers!

Also, the quality of his callers are very high. (This is very important in talk radio, as well as how the host handles them.)

What is especially great about Mark is his authenticity, his sense of humor, as well as his seriousness and passion.

He knows EXACTLY what he is saying and it is clear he has a giant heart (and giant enough to not suffer fools, either).

I am one of the hundreds of thousands who has an unsigned copy of The Great One's book. Mark deserves all these accolades. Thank God for Mark Levin!

Peg C. said...

Great pics and site. We are in NY and couldn't make it (I had to work), but at least we did make his "Men in Black" signing in 2005. The videos of the T.C. line are phenomenal. The thing about this book is how timely it is, especially in conjunction with Tea Parties (we've made 2 so far). Mark told Rush he had planned for this book to come out before (and to help influence) the election, but Rush assured him THIS is the exact right time for it. This is a confluence of events (tea parties, resurgence of conservatism, the backlash against a Marxist president and statist Congress) that is truly serendipitous. Mark could never have foreseen this. It has made him huge!

It's just slightly disconcerting to be reading this site and seeing pro-Scott Murphy and anti-Jim Tedisco ads. ;-) I know you have no control over Google ads.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

This is, in fact, a very HOPEFUL sign. Few seem to understand POSITIVISM -- save perhaps Mr Levin -- like RWR.


ReaganWasRight said...

This was a great day indeed! Mark Levin is truly the BEST talk show host out there today. Despite the rain and lines... my wife and I really enjoyed the day with our fellow CONSERVATIVES! Hope EVERYONE enjoyed my Reagan T-Shirt that "mimicked" Obama. I LOVE that t-shirt! Anyway...where's the next Mark Levin event?