Saturday, September 12, 2009

Washington D.C. Tea Party

Today Mr. and Mrs COMMON CENTS joined hundreds of thousands of other patriotic Americans in the Washington DC Tea Party Protest. The crowd could not have been better behaved and one could not help but be impressed by the thousands of hand made signs covering a plethora of subjects. News reports put the crowd at up to 2 million!

CNN: Tea Party crown drowns out CNN Reporter shouting "Tell the Truth"


Right Truth said...

The images are great and the video was very interesting. I think the reporter at the TEA Party was fair and balanced, but the woman back at CNN was pretty snarky.

Two Million attended, that's amazing. Rush was joking about this being the Million Mob March, looks like it turned out to be the Two Million Mob March.

And the people at the TEA Party were so polite to the reporter, I'm glad for that.

Thanks for sharing.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

defiant_infidel said...

FANTASTIC! What an uprising of true patriots on the Obambam's doorstep! Congratulations and well done!

Unknown said...

Some great shots of the beginning of the end for Socialized Health Care and run-a-way spending!!!!

cocked and loaded said...


Jackpine Savage said...

Great post!

I was there too, we may have passed each other.

Found out monday that I was standing within 20 feet of a friend on the lawn and we never saw each other!

God Bless you and all the other patriots who were there to tell congress 'Enough!'.

My impressions from the day and a slideshow of the day can be found at

9-12-09 the day America was Heard.

Teresa said...

Great Post!! I love your blog!! Exchanging Links sounds good. How about following each other also?

I am finding so many bloggers who are Patriots who attended the 9/12 March in Washington D.C. as well. I loved your pictures. It was a proud day for America and Americans standing up for freedom.

Grizzly Mama said...

Beautiful Pics! I love it. I'm so glad that you could go - and that everyone who made it could go. Do you have any idea how many people WANTED to go but couldn't?? You represented us all and for that I thank you.