Friday, January 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Show - January 22, 2010: Documentary on The Progressive Movement

For weeks Fox News' Glenn Beck has been talking about his upcoming documentary on The Progressive Movement and it's ties to Socialism and Communism.  This should be required viewing.  It is an outstanding hour-long show on the dangers of Progressives including Che, Mao and Stalin.


christian soldier said...

Oh! I'm so 'swiping ' this!!!
I just watched it a couple of hours ago--didn't know it was out already.
Thank you...

Misfit410 said...

thanks so much for posting this, I was dying to see it but missed it.

Drew458 said...

Thanks for hosting this. I'm linking traffic your way.

People who liked this should take the next step and watch Edvins Snore's film The Soviet Story if they want more background on the violence inherent in communism. Snore was one of the contributors to Beck's special here.