Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Liberal Liars Exposed! With the State Run Media Report it?

Have you heard the one about the Tea Party Protesters calling African American Congressmen Racial Epithets or calling them the "N" Word?  As the story goes:
The media claimed that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were called n*ggers and spat on by tea party protesters as they walked from the Longworth office building to the Rayburn office building. At least one report said that it was “a chorus” of racist hatred. Reporters from ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News, (including Bill O’Reilly), MSNBC, etc. reported on this horrible story.  Read the rest here.
Democratic Congressmen knew this would be the story of the day and would take the spotlight off the horrific Obamacare Bill.  From the well of the House Democrats rose up to denounce this event.  The media focused on this for days with numerous stories exposing this. There is only one problem with this narrative.  It never happened.  Gateway Pundit has a superlative story on this event.  We know it never happened because numerous of these African American Congressmen were filming the event.  Jesse Jackson Jr. filmed the whole event on his personal camcorder.  Had any racist event taken place it would be looped like the Rodney King attack.  It would be non-stop coverage.  It would be the most controversial thing since the King attack.  It would be on every State Run Media channel morning, afternoon and evening.  Since none of these events took place we know it never took place.  Consider these photographs:

Jesse Jackson Jr. filmed the Tea Party Protesters with two recorders:

This African American man also filmed the entire event.

And an African American in the crow was filming the event:
So what have learned?  Once again the mainstream media listened to the lies of the left.  Where are the retractions?  Where are the apoligies from these Congressmen?  Nowhere. 

A HUGE Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit.  An awesome site.

UPDATE:  Big is offering a $10,000 Prize to anyone who proves that the "N" word was used at the Capitol Hill Tea Party.  Click here to read about it.


Anonymous said...

I was there and the story is complete bs.

Thanks for posting cc


J. Thomas Hunter said...

Andrew Breitbart is offering $100,000. Is there much media attention to the fact that nobody has proven this claim?

Good post.