Thursday, June 17, 2010

Required Reading: If you read only one editorial this year - read this one...

Investor's Business Daily hit a bases loaded Grand Slam with this one.  Everything you need to know about US Energy Policy and what a disaster the liberal agenda has been.  PLEASE tell your friends about this piece:

Energy Policy: President Obama says the oil disaster proves the need to get off fossil fuels. But before we save the planet, let's save the Gulf and stop exploiting crises to deny America the energy it needs.
Saving the planet is nice, but just how do we plug the hole again? With an abundance of hand gestures, the president didn't really say in his speech Tuesday night. He did say fossil fuels were bad and green energy is good, but the people of the Gulf states don't need wind turbines right now. Contrary to Obama's assertions, our "addiction" to foreign oil no more caused the Deepwater Horizon oil spill than any addiction to nuclear energy caused the reactor accident at Three Mile Island.
If we're addicted to anything, it's energy in all its forms. We also are addicted to jobs and economic growth, and nothing in the speech offered either. Instead we were told we have to forgo fossil fuels because they're dangerous — the same reason given after TMI to stop expanding clean and safe nuclear energy.
Never mind the dead zones for aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico caused by agricultural runoff from the accelerated farming of corn to feed the mandated use of ethanol. Never mind the rain forests cleared worldwide to grow biofuel crops. Or the birds that will never be soaked in oil because they've been sliced and diced by wind turbines.
The irony is that if the incident at Three Mile Island had not similarly been exploited by environmentalists, we might not be so dependent on fossil fuels today. We'd have electricity for all those electric cars as billions of tons of carbon dioxide never entered the atmosphere.
The desire to make BP pay for the direct damage of the oil spill is understandable. The desire to exploit this crisis to make us all pay is not. The president noted that "the House of Representatives acted on these principles by passing a strong and comprehensive energy and climate bill — a bill that finally makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy for America's businesses."  Horsefeathers. The imposition of renewable energy standards, as cap-and-trade is now called, would raise electricity prices, lower GDP and eliminate jobs. The only thing that wouldn't be capped is the Deepwater Horizon well.
If the president's argument is that the Gulf oil disaster is traceable to our reliance on foreign oil, let's exploit our vast domestic resources. If the argument is that BP went too far and too deep, that its reach exceeded its grasp, then it's the administration and its green allies that forced them to do so. 

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unknown vector said...

No kidding... the problem isnt that there are bad companys out there that wreck the enviroment. the problem is that we are consumers and there are a hell of alot of us all sucking up whatever we can find... the hole in the earths crust spilling trading oil for sea water in the gulf isn`t the only hole that needs pluging... death to trole dolls and Meyadas

Harrison said...

IBD is a favorite of mine. Renewable energy is fine so long as it makes economic sense. Under current policy, it does not. Nuclear and coal are readily available and pretty safe overall.

The Right Guy said...

Just wanted to know you are on my blog roll.

Jon Christie said...

Amen. Good post.

Sheryl Parsons said...

Amen! It's amazing how Obama is getting such a pass from the media on this. Bush was vilified for's so much nonsense isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Did B.P. pay you to write this garbage?
Your article makes absolutely no sense and just wreaks of your hate for democrats and liberals. You don't have any more of an intelligent answer as to what should be done than Obama, The Administration, or B.P. And you intentionally try to confuse issue to boot.
By the way, douche bag, your'e not going to have to worry about G.D.P. when your species is no longer in existence, which will be soon enough b/c of republicans like yourself that vote companies into power!

rocketsciencesense said...

It is the system that must change. For 100 years we could have been reducing our use of oil consumption. We have to start today. Drive less, buy smaller cars, think about what you do. Small changes lead to big changes. I recently started walking more. I stay at hotels a lot. When I wake up early and ask at the front desk where a particular place it that is over a mile away the person at the front desk looks at me like I have two heads (just one large one). When did it become spectacular to walk somewhere? Both BP, politicians, and yes every American is responsible for this spill. Even further all people are affected by this and partly responsible. I blame our leadership. In the Navy it is a well establish principal that the captain of a ship is responsible for the actions of every sailor.
I feel not just BP, not just the President, but every member of congress should feel partly responsible and first should focus on ending the leak.
When you point a finger at someone at least three are pointing back at yourself.

Oggy Bleacher said...

300 million people can't all plug the hole in the well so I think it's a fair answer to the question of "What can we do?"

We can't afford not to have renewable energy. Coal and nuclear and oil only make economic sense when environmental costs are kept off the books. Anyone who tells you different probably worked for Enron.

The strategy of expecting 300 million people to all concentrate on plugging a hole in a broken oil well is not valid but it's a very good smoke screen. Like someone living in Kansas should just sit in their house and worry about the marsh of Louisiana?? Or Obama is living in denial by looking to the future when the oil well is capped and everyone goes back to driving 40 miles to save $10 on their grocery bill? Please think about the big picture.

The shock doctrine works both ways: when people are most disoriented and fearful is when propaganda has an opportunity to be assimilated. In this case, instead of linking Iraq to terrorism, the oil well is being linked to our oil addiction.

There's been a 100 year long energy propaganda war in America and maybe the tide is turning. Don't believe me or Obama but do some independent research and do it fast.

HEY, STOP THAT! said...

Wow, this is just another button pushing article to push toward oil as the only solution. Why is alternative energy resources have to be labeled green? Why cant it just be a good idea to find cleaner ways to live. Does tearing up three states to feed our need for fossil needs sound sane? The first cars built in this country ran on peanut oil. Gasoline was a waste product at one time, a by product of kerosene. Kerosene was used to replace whale fats.

We used to be a country of good ideas now we just follow what the rest of the world wants. This article even makes the point by saying we need to follow what the other countries are doing. It does not serve the world for us to change. There is a lot of statements made in here to provoke, but very little that supports what are precieved as facts.

The fact is oil spills are awful and it cost a lot more to clean them up then oil companies want us to believe. Alaska is still paying the price for the tanker spill. A tanker that was carrying only a drop of oil compared to what is being pumped out into the golf of Mexico. An oil slick that will eventually make its way up our coast and essentially change thousands of lives, human and animal.

Solar panels are a valid alternative. Developed and improved upon in this country. Grow this industry and you have more jobs. Wind turbines have already improved some areas of our great nation. Tuccomcari was once a dying city and new life has been breathed into it, thanks to wind turbines.

Our great country needs to stop being afraid of change and start doing again what the world has always turned to us for and that is new and better ways of doing things.

Question the motives here.

Anonymous said...

The well will get plugged, the sea will get cleaned, and the region will recover. In a sense the spill is a big deal, in the long-term, it's just a bump in the road. The earth is resilient. It always recovers.

However, totalitarian-collectivist thugs like Chairman BaO will do everything they can to keep it all at a high emotional pitch, since when the emotions are on, the brain is off, and people will be susceptible to insanity such as cap-and-trade and other forms of enslaving people and ruining the country.

Isabel Betancourt said...

Very true. Thank you for sharing. We hope you'll visit our blog too.

Wes G said...

hi nice post..

how wrong would it be to use this incident to implement a new agenda on 'green' energy (when i say green i mean FREE').. how much will americans be prepared to pay for there energy needs, i would bet after a year of seeing animals die in the gulf the population of the USA will beg the gov to bring in free energy at maximum cost, be prepared for a sting in the tail.

Jonathan said...

Cool Blog! I really like it!


Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

Bravo to that article.

Joe Around the Corner said...

And then the whole lot conks in, and we are done for!!! Pumping oil and stuff and spending mega bucks but they cannot sweep in front of their own doors!!!

Cannwin said...

Politicians have an uncanny way of taking a crisis and turning it into some sort of agenda.

President Obama did a lot of talking about changing things for the better. I'm still waiting.... As far as I can see he's done a heck of a job alienating the right by exploiting his 'advantage.'

Bastiatarian is right:

"The well will get plugged, the sea will get cleaned, and the region will recover. In a sense the spill is a big deal, in the long-term, it's just a bump in the road. The earth is resilient. It always recovers."

But we aren't dealing with the future, we're dealing with the now and the now is that instead of slamming his fist down onto BP and other major companies that create these situations, President Obama seems to take full advantage of disasters to further his own political motives.

Not so surprising, I guess... but disappointing none-the-less

HEY, STOP THAT! said...

I have to disagree with Bastiatarian. The point most anti oil advocates are trying to make is, oil is not cleaned up easily, and it is not a bump in the road. These things take years to and are never really complete. A short Google search will lead you to articles that dispute his cavalier remarks.

I encourage people instead of applauding this article to take some of the comments as fact and explore them for yourself.

An example of misleading information is that oil is better than wind because wind energy kills birds disputes these remarks. Oil kills more then a few birds. The human impact is far greater then wind energy.

Another example is pipelines are better and if they had one there never would have been an oil spill in Alaska.
Here is one that happened in May 2010. Where? Alaska. Who owns it? BP

Here are two more sites that should be of interest if you are to believe that oil is no big deal. My point is that I want people reading this to start seeing alternatives as a smart solution that can be ours, in our communities without relying on oil. As long as we react to labels we are incapable of seeing around the agendas of others to the agendas of what is possible.


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