Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awesome!!! Made in USA Incandescent Light Bulbs (and they are legal)

As heard on the Rush Limbaugh show this company Newcandescent is making Made in the USA Incandescant light bulbs, legally with permission from the Dept of Energy.  The owner called Rush's show last week:

CALLER:  Thank you very much, Rush.  Thank you for having me.
RUSH:  You bet, sir.
CALLER:  Our company,, manufactures incandescents right here in the US.  We have apples to zebras, everything that you can't get, we have permission to manufacture right here in the good old USA.
RUSH:  What do you mean, everything that we can't get?
CALLER:  All of the banned incandescent lamps --
RUSH:  Oh, you mean the stuff that's been banned, the stuff that's been banned, you're making?
CALLER:  Well, we're making it legally. We have permission from the DOE to manufacture the products.
RUSH:  So you got a waiver from somebody to go ahead and manufacture the stuff?
CALLER:  Yes, we do.
RUSH:  From who?
CALLER:  The Department of Energy.
RUSH:  Really?
CALLER:  Well, what they did, when they changed the energy laws, in it they left one of the categorizes open which was called rough service category. And what they did was they changed all of the old specifications concerning how the lamp was constructed and they came out with a whole new guideline, how to manufacture the lamps, which we took up.  We bought the old equipment that the major manufacturers were getting rid of, GE and Philips and all those people, and we started manufacturing with their sanction.  We met all of the guidelines, and they gave us permission to manufacture the lamps here.
RUSH:  How many others like you across the fruited plain have been given similar waivers?
CALLER:  Only one other.
RUSH:  Can you manufacture enough to meet the demand of customers who don't want to make the move to compact fluorescent or these 50-dollar things?
CALLER:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.  And we've been written up in the New York Post and --
RUSH:  I know who you are.  I know who you are now.  I know your last name.  Now, Larry, let me ask you a question. The American people are under the impression that starting next year or maybe it's already this year some time, that the stuff you're talking about having permission to make is illegal, it's been banned.
CALLER:  Not so.  That's not true.  It's true that they stopped making them, but we can continue to manufacture them.  And we are right now.
RUSH:  No, but most people think it's gonna be illegal to buy them.  That's why they're out hoarding them.
CALLER:  No, no, no, no.  No, it's not illegal to buy them.  Let me say this.  What they banned was general service light bulbs.  That's the type of light bulb that you would use in your house, that you would buy in maybe a convenience store, big box retailer, hardware store.  That's what they banned.  What they left open, the category is called rough service, which is a hardier version of the original general service.
RUSH:  Yeah, but you can still use your stuff in a home, right, not just in industry?
CALLER:  Yeah, absolutely, you can use it either in the home or in industry or wherever, but mostly for the home.  All of the banned, you know, reflectors, we're manufacturing all of those.
RUSH:  Dimmers, that kind of, your bulbs can --
CALLER:  Yeah, they're all dimmable. They're all made in the US.  There's no chemicals in them as far as mercury.  They can be disposed of just like you disposed of the other one.  It's exactly what everybody was used to, and again, they're made in the US.  Which is a big plus.
RUSH:  Just so I understand, rough service is what's been outlawed?
CALLER:  No, no.  General service.
RUSH:  General, so rough service is what's still legal?
CALLER:  That's totally legal, but they had to be redesigned, the product had to be redesigned.  And not only did it have to be redesigned, but you also had to apply to the Department of Energy, which is the DOE --
RUSH:  Yeah.
CALLER:  -- for permission to make it, which we did and we got the permission.
RUSH:  Okay.  So how does everybody else get your stuff, Larry?  I mean everybody's under the impression they gotta go out and buy these spaghetti light bulbs.  Where are yours gonna be on sale?
CALLER:  We're selling them right now in retail stores or you can go to and you can buy it online.
RUSH: It's a new sponsor here, by the way, on the EIB
CALLER:  That's correct,
RUSH:  All right.  And 250 watts, 200 watts, hundred watts, what's up?
CALLER:  We have them go from 15 watts all the way up to a thousand watts.
RUSH:  My prayers have been answered.


lady di said...

the problem is not about screwing in a light bulb, it is about the town and city depts. who would like their say and have their hands out, that is where the screwing really begins!

nawwan said...

These are hard to find and I notice there are no 3 way bulbs. However I will indeed buy these as the other ones from China have mercury in them and cannot be thrown in the garbage (which I am sure most people are doing). This allows this dangerous chemical into our water supply. How can we overturn the govt. regulation that has forced us to use Chinese bulbs. Didn't we invent them?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese make one thing well...Chinese food. Their phones, shoes and light bulbs not so much!