Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Occupy Unmasked: The Movie Trailer

From Occupy Unmasked.com a documentary featuring the late Andrew Breitbart showing who is behind the Occupy Movement.
Occupy Unmasked - The Trailer:
From Breitbart.com:  Appropriately, part of Friday's tribute featured the first 30 minutes or so of Breitbart News Chairman Stephen K. Bannon's upcoming documentary, "Occupy Unmasked," a work in progress that unspooled before a packed house.The documentary was not only one of Breitbart's passion projects, but he is prominently featured on-camera throughout as one of the primary narrators taking you through the history of the Occupy movement. It's another opportunity to see Andrew do what he did best: connect the narrative dots. In the case of Occupy, those dots connect from the movement's origins straight through the mainstream media and up to the White House and Barack Obama.Though still a rough cut, and only the first-act of what will be a full-length feature, the preview showing Occupy in all of its anti-American, socialist, and violent left-wing glory was enough to bring a packed house to its feet for a long standing ovation.


Darth Chipmunk said...

Great job, Steve.

Bobgood1 said...

It looks like they are unorganized. They just want to destroy private property. The last that I saw in the Fall, the Commies,Homeless, Dopers, rebel rousers had taken over. Serious dissenters, had to go back to work.

Bobgood1 said...

Looks like all they wanted to do is destroy Property. Like a Party out of control. Everyone seemed to have their own agenda. I can't believe the ob campaign, Nancy, Harry & Van Johnson are supporting this activities. I think this behavior is being promoted in the colleges, maybe, lower grades. They want Riots in the streets so they can institute their Other Agendas.