Saturday, October 20, 2012

Video: Paul Ryan campaiging in Pennsylvania

For the first time in two months, Paul Ryan stumped in Pennsylvania, landing in this town just outside of Pittsburgh, and rallying a crowd of several hundred on the tarmac.  The GOP vice presidential nominee tailored his remarks to the steel country audience, hitting the president on his energy policies and accusing Barack Obama of not being "willing to lay out a second term agenda."  "If he's reelected we know exactly what the next four years will look like," Ryan said. "We'll have more of the same failed policies. More taxes, more spending, more debts, and four more years of these disastrous energy policies. Look, gas prices are more than double what they were four years ago, who knows what they're going to be if he got four more years."  Ryan often hits his Democratic opponents on their energy policy, but his remarks Saturday were more pointed, accusing the president of employing policies that would both prevent getting "people back to work and lower(ing) our energy prices."  "He'll keep his war on coal going," Ryan said of Obama. "Over a hundred coal plants are scheduled to close costing us thousands of jobs...not only do these policies cost us jobs, not only do they mean that American energy dollars go to the Middle East they are keeping us from having a boon, they are keeping us from having jobs, they are keeping us from making our pay checks stretch farther.

Paul Ryan Accuses Obama Of Waging a War on Coal - Pennsylvania , Oct. 20, 2012

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