Monday, November 19, 2012

Final? 2012 Presidential Election Statewide Results:

David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report has put together an amazing spreadsheet of the "final" 2012 Presidential Election Results, as of November 19th.  The interesting thing is in only five states (in blue) did President Obama increase his 2008 vote percentage.  Every other state, to include the Swing States, saw his percentages go down!  You can see the entire spreadsheet here.

Final 2012 Presidential Election Results:

Two-Party Obama Vote Share, 2008-2012 (Excludes Third Party Votes)

Maintained by: David Wasserman@Redistrict

*Denotes Official/Final/Certified Results

StateObama 08 McCain 08 Obama 08%  Obama 12 Romney 12 Obama 12% Obama% vs. 08

U.S. Total69,498,516 59,948,323 53.69%63,856,735 59,903,27451.60%-2.09%

2012 Swing States23,759,943 20,304,618 53.92%22,731,345 21,010,71351.97%-1.95%

Non-Swing States45,738,573 39,643,705 53.57%41,125,390 38,892,56151.40%-2.17%

2012 Swing States







New Hampshire*384,826316,53454.87%369,553329,91052.83%-2.03%

North Carolina2,142,6512,128,47450.17%2,178,3912,270,39548.97%-1.20%





Non-Swing States








District of Columbia245,80017,36793.40%222,33217,33792.77%-0.63%
















New Jersey2,215,4221,613,20757.86%1,974,8681,393,86358.62%0.76%

New Mexico472,422346,83257.66%414,652335,38255.28%-2.38%

New York4,804,9452,752,77163.58%3,873,6502,224,96363.52%-0.06%

North Dakota*141,278168,60145.59%124,966188,32039.89%-5.70%



Rhode Island296,571165,39164.20%279,677157,20464.02%-0.18%

South Carolina862,4491,034,89645.46%865,9411,071,64544.69%-0.76%

South Dakota*170,924203,05445.70%145,039210,61040.78%-4.92%






West Virginia303,857397,46643.33%234,925412,40636.29%-7.03%


Some 2012 Presidential Election Metrics:
  • President Obama increased his total statewide percentage in only five states (Alaska, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi and New Jersey).
  • President Obama did NOT increase his statewide percentages in any of the Swing States
  • Mitt Romney increased his percentages in 12 of the 14 Swing States.
  • Romney increased his Raw Vote Total in 34 of the 50 States (BOLD)
  • In the total vote count President Obama (nationwide) is DOWN about 5.6 million votes
  • In the total vote count Mitt Romney is down (nationwide) about 45,000 votes


Padre Bud Island OSB said...

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3.) Abolish the Federal Reserve. this is so important that Americans should have had a revolution over this issue generations ago.
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Padre Island OSB said...

Now I know that many of you readers out there do not want to be taken advantage of. You did not rise to your wordly position by being a sucker for a smooth talking saleswoman. No ypu know a good deal for yourseldf when you see one. The flat tax was the deal century. Ok it did not get adopted as a completely flat tax.
Yes it was a good deal for those US families in the top 20% income bracket.
These patriots were usre as hell not going to have their bank accounts raided by a bunch of heathen commies. They sure as hell would havee never thought what would have George Washington or Thomas Paine have done. That would have been unpleasent. Americas Founding Parents not only risked their lives they risked their sacred fortunes. Thomas Paine was not a slave owner. Yet he made a hell of a lot of money through the sales of Common Sense and the Spartacus Miniseries. These men and the other Americans that supported the War of Indepedence did hnot only risk their lives but their sacred fortunes.
But many of you have something that Washington and Paine did not. That is your own children. It is not surprising that you want control over every cent that youu earn. But what good is a Harvard degree if the nation that your children and grand children grow up in is a country in which their is no sense of common purpose outside of competing with your neighbors as to who can accumulate the most fire arms?
Remember a progressive tax is one in which normall earning people pay a normale tax. If you understand that you can not reasonably object

Padre Bud Island OSB said...

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Louise said...

Very well written hope election in the Philippines will do the same thing. Keep posting!