Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey State Controlled Media - The Country is actually trending Republican!

Just not fast enough.  You may not find this anywhere else but both geographically and by raw numbers the country is trending (slightly) Republican.
As of this writing Barack Obama is beating Mitt Romney by about 3%.  Since Obama won by 7% last time the country as a whole is trending Republican by 4% overall. And as Michael Medved writes:
The president drew 7.6 million fewer votes than he did in the hope-and-change election of 2008. His vote total, 61,911,000, is far closer to the numbers in Sen. John Kerry’s losing bid in 2004 than to his own triumphant support four years ago. Even the reviled President George W. Bush earned more raw votes, from a much smaller potential electorate, in his own reelection bid than Obama did in his.
It’s also not true that a powerful surge of new black and Latino support powered the president to victory. Exit polls showed that Obama got a slightly smaller percentage of the black vote than last time and that turnout was sharply down, delivering at least 1.5 million fewer African-American ballots for the Democrats. A slightly enlarged Latino electorate and an increase in the president’s percentage of Hispanic voters, to 71 percent from 67 percent, did provide him an additional 700,000 votes, but the falloff in black support still meant that overall “minority votes” for Obama went down, not up.
As to the claim that Obama pulled out a win in this highly competitive election cycle by building up his backing among working-class whites in Ohio, Wisconsin, and other key battlegrounds, the evidence shows the president losing, not gaining, ground with this badly battered segment of the population. Among white voters overall—still 72 percent of total ballots, down from 74 percent in 2008—Obama lost to Mitt Romney in a devastating landslide, 59 percent to 39 percent. Four years ago, he also lost the white vote, but by a far more modest margin of 12 percentage points rather than the 20-point blowout this year. Compared to his Election Day performance in 2008, Obama lost more than 7 million white votes.

And the Wall Street Journal give us some more metrics:
  • Compared with 2008, they (Romney) made significant gains among men (four percentage points)
  • Whites four points increase for Romney
  • Younger voters six points increase for Romney (Exceeding the national increase overall)
  • White Catholics seven points increase for Romney (Exceeding the national increase overall)
  • Jewish Voters nine points increase for Romney (Exceeding the national increase overall)
  • Mr. Romney also carried the independent vote 50% to 45%. Four years ago, independents voted for Mr. Obama 52% to 44%.  

County by County Map Results Presidential Election.  Darker shades indicate a higher percentage voted for each side.  (Red = Republican; Blue = Democrat)

More interesting this map shows counties where the candidate won by 20% or more (a landslide).  Obviously, there are many more Red Landslide counties than Blue Landslide counties.

In red are counties that are trending Republican since 2008.  The darker shades are trending Republican faster.  Every state in the union has counties that are trending GOP.  Remarkably, even urban counties are trending to the GOP to include Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), Wayne County (Detroit) and even President Obama's home of Cook County, Illinois are all trending Republican.  You can actually drive across the entire United States BOTH east to west and North to South and never leave a county that is trending Republican.

Contrast that with the counties that are truly trending Democrat since 2008.  They are few and far between, mostly in the South.

These are counties that are trending to the GOP since 2004, where President Bush won re-election.  Again, nearly every state has counties that are trending Republican since 2004.

Obviously geographically the vast majority of the country is trending Republican.  You can see more  maps here at the Interactive Wall St Journal Election Site.  Just don't expect the State Controlled Media to tell this story.


Anonymous said...

looks like all the blue dots are at the edge of the nation, on the coast, are the comming in or getting ready to leave, but not staying

lets pray for the best of the red dots.

annon xoxoxof

Officer & Southern Gent said...

Your red dots show how extensive the GOP gerrymandering was in 2010. Democratic congressman received more votes than Republican votes-the country is still solidly Dem.

As for numbers of total votes received: wait until January when the votes are certified as not all votes have been counted. And think about how many more votes we would have had in this country without GOP vote suppression.