Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some good news from the 2012 Election for Republicans:

Believe it or not there is actually some good news, both demographically, and culturally for the GOP that came out of the 2012 election.  Some of it is:
Record Evangelical Christian Vote:  The evangelical vote increased in 2012 to a record 27 percent of the electorate. This was the highest share of the vote in modern political history for evangelicals, according to the FFC.  Romney's performance among evangelicals represented a net swing of 10 percent over John McCain's performance in 2008.  Read more at here. 
Increased Catholic Vote:  The report found that white Catholics “swung strongly in the Republican direction relative to 2008.” Almost six in ten white Catholics voted for Romney, up from 52 percent who cast ballots for McCain in 2008.  Read more here. 
Increased Jewish Vote:  Republicans view the outcome as a dramatic boost of 10% in Jewish support for their party.  Read more here.
Increased Black Vote:  This one may be a stretch but President Obama won 93% of the black vote, down from 95% in 2008.  Read more here. 
Increased Conservative Electorate:  When Ronald Reagan trounced Jimmy Carter in 1980, 32% of voters were conservative, according to exit polls at the time. By 1996, when Clinton won reelection, that share had risen to 33%. And this year, exit polls show that 35% of voters are conservative, far more than the 25% who identify themselves as liberal. Over the years, the share of moderates has remained relatively steady at around 40% to 45%.  Read more here.
 Young Voters moved to GOP by 11 points!
Again, don't expect to hear about this from the State Controlled Media but there actually are some positive news for the Republican Party from the 2012 Election.

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