Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maps of 2012 US Presidential Election Results by County

By now we all know how the results of 2012 Presidential Election between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney.

What is more interesting are the 2012 United States Presidential Election results by county.  Red areas are Republican; Blue Areas are Democrat.

The Bubble map of US Election Results shows vote concentration.

More interesting this map shows counties where the candidate won by 20% or more (a landslide).  Obviously, there are many more Red Landslide counties than Blue Landslide counties.

More interesting are the US Election Results Trending Map by County since 2008.  As you can see the counties in the United States are Clearly Trending Republican.  The darker the shade of Red the faster the county is trending Republican.  White areas are trending Democrat.

This is a map of US Counties that have been trending Republican since 2004.  Remember, that was a very good year for the GOP and the last time a Republican President (George W. Bush) won a majority of the popular vote.  Via the Interactive Wall St Journal Election Site.

This view shows the same data by arrows.  The longer the arrow and the more concentrated the arrows the faster the country is trending in that directions.  Red arrows are trending GOP, Blue arrows are trending Democrat.    

Via the New York Times Election Site.

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