Monday, May 27, 2013

Video: Memorial Day Tributes:

Today is Memorial Day, the day we honor those who have given their lives in defense of this county.  If you love America, thank a Veteran today!

This Memorial Day, we honor the countless heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to answer our country's call to arms. Please take a few minutes to watch our Memorial Day Tribute featuring Norman St. Germain, Seaman First Class, USS Gambier Bay who spent 47 hours in the shark-infested waters of Leyte Gulf after his ship was sunk during WWII.
Memorial Day 2013: "Honoring the Fallen"

A moving Memorial Day tribute to fathers and husbands who made the supreme sacrifice... in the words of their sons, daughters and widows. From the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. For more information visit
Fallen Patriots - Memorial Day Tribute

Honor our troops, honor our veterans. a handshake and a "thank you for serving"
Gene Simmons Military Tribute

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