Saturday, November 9, 2013

Analysis of the Virginia Governors Race Exit Polls:

Here we have a Deep Dive of the Exit Polls from Tuesday's Virginia Governors Race.  CNN conducted the exit polls and the full report is here.

Overall More Men than Women voted for Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McCauliffe:

We all know that as people age and mature they get more Conservative and vote Republican.  According to the Exit Polls this definitely happens around age 45.

Majorities of Whites voted for Cuccinelli; more men then women. Huge majorities of Blacks voted for Maculiffe; with similarly the same trend - Black Men more likely to vote Republican than Black Women:

No surprises here.  But interestingly Republican Cuccinelli won a clear majority of Independents and by a larger margin than Mitt Romney did.  Romney won indies by 5%, Cuccinelli by 9%.  Are Independents turning away from the Democrat Party?

Republicans are the Party of the Middle Class.  Democrats are the Party of the Very Rich and of the Poor.  It has been this way in American politics for sometime and the Virginia Governor's Race was no exception:

Gun Owners tend to vote Republican.  Non-Gun Owners tend to vote Democrat:

As always Evangelical "Born Again" Christians turned out heavily for Republicans by a 5 to 1 margin:

Again Republican Cuccinelli won both Married Men and Married Women - he actually won Married Women by a larger margin than Married Men.  Democrat McCauliffe won single men and women.

Finally Republican Cuccinelli won both the Suburban Vote and the Rural Vote.  But it was not enough to overcome Democrat McCauliffes margins in the Urban Areas:

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