Monday, January 13, 2014

War on Women Update: ANOTHER Democrat has to resign after lewd behavior!

We have covered the War on Women here,  here,  here, here  and  here on Common Cents. Turns out there is an update on the Democrat Party's War on Women.
New York Democratic Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak resigned Sunday after mounting accusations of sexual harassment from several staffers led to calls for him to step aside.
Mr Gabryszak, a married father of two, announced he would 'retire' after demands he step down came from all corners of state government, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Buffalo-area politician has been accused of harassment by at least seven staffers
Six current female staffers, as well as a former employee, claim the assemblyman's unwanted advances include taking them to massage parlors and sending at least one woman a video of a sex act being performed on him.Ms Campbell's testimony also says that Mr Gabryszak frequently told her about women he wanted to have sex with, and 'alluded to a prior affair with a former assemblywoman.' He also reportedly talked about prostitutes and going to a strip club regularly.
In one of the most shocking allegations, she says Mr Gabryszak offered her $100,000 to move to relocate for her job. When Ms Campbell said that she couldn't because of her fiance, Mr Gabryszak allegedly said 'I guess I will just have to get your fiance to break up with you.'
The third former staffer involved in the suit, Annalise C. Freling, 28, who served as Director of Communications from 2011 through 2013, claims Mr Gabryszak attempted to take her out on Valentine's Day in 2011 and give her a set of pearls.
Ms Freling says Mr Gabryszak made a number of remarks on her appearance, including 'you're so hot, you know what I want to do with you.'

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