Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photos: Flight 370 Found? Is the the missing Malaysian Flight MH 370??

Has wreckage finally been found?  The Daily Mail is running a story that significant airplane wreckage from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has been found in the Southern Indian Ocean!!
  • 'There is something down there' - U.S surveillance plane crew member
  • Floating object was among two pieces spotted on satellite imagery
  • It could take two days or longer to confirm what the debris is
  • Initial sweeps of the area have not found the objects
  • Pictures from surveillance aircraft show poor visibility 
  • Satellite images dated 'March 16' raise concerns debris has moved
  • Unprecedented search in waters up to 5000m (16,400ft) deep
  • The waters are twice as deep as those in which French plane went down
  • Australian PM says images are 'credible and potentially important'
  • Search planes and ships are on way to objects 2,500km southwest of Perth
  • UK to send a ship to the southern corridor to aid with the search effort
  • The search zone is about 350,000 square kilometres (185,000 square miles)
Two objects that may be wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been spotted floating in the southern Indian Ocean.
The Australian government released pictures taken by satellite on March 16 of possible plane debris seen around 2,500km (1,500miles) southwest of Perth - one of the most remote areas of the planet that's a four-hour flight from the Australian coast.

One of the objects is estimated to be 78ft (24m) in size, the other 15ft (five metres), and the sighting of the objects was said by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to be 'credible and potentially important'.
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Two pieces of wreckage that are possibly from the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 - one estimated to be 78ft in size - have been found to the west of Australia, it was announced today. Pictured: Satellite pictures released by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority of the object thought to be related to the search for MH370

The debris was spotted on satellite imagery and a total of four aircraft have been sent to investigate the sighting, some 1553 miles off the coast of Perth
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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 debris FOUND near Australia Waters

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Anonymous said...

That video is misleading. The opening screen shot still appears to be of video footage of the floating debris. In fact there is no video footage of floating debris.