Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Tribute Videos:

Today is Memorial Day, the day where we remember those Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for their country.  If you can - please thank a Veteran for their service!  Memorial Day is a time to reflect on all our fallen veterans. They served our Country let us pause this day to remember there service. We hope you enjoy these Memorial Day videos.

Memorial Day Tribute

Amazing Grace Memorial Day Tribute to the US Military

And now for some fun!  Gene Simmons and the Kiss Band sing all four Service Songs and then close with "God Bless America".  This video has gone viral and is well worth the 5 minutes.

Gene Simmons Military Tribute


Anonymous said...

we must be a great nation to produce such great men as these heros

anon zo

Anonymous said...

this group of young men and women do make this a better world to live in whish I could shake every hand thanks xoxoxoetc

anon xo